Transparent Text using GIMP’s Xach Effect

1) Open the image on to which you want to add the transparent text in GIMP.

2) Type the text in white color, then select it.

3) Choose a thick font and enlarge it as shown below. I chose “Georgia Bold Italic”  setting it’s font size to 51 px.

France Blue Door Solid Text

4) While keeping the text layer selected go to “Filters” menu, choose “Light and Shadow” from the submenu and then select “Xach-Effect”.

Filters Light and Shadow Xach Effect GIMP

5) You see the “Script-Fu: Xach Effect” dialog box. Keep the default setting as it is. Make sure “Drop shadow color” is black. Click ok.

Script-Fu Dialog Box Xach Effect GIMP

6) Now hide the original layer in which you wrote the text by clicking on the “eye” icon in the “Layers” dialog box as shown.


7) Now go to the “Select” menu and choose “None” so that everything gets deselected and you see the picture with the transparent text.

France Blue Door Bonjour


“Bonjour!” means “Hello”, it’s etymological root in French is “bon”=good + “jour”=day.