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Valentines from my son

Valentine Heart Dog

There was a Valentine celebration at my kid’s elementary school. The festivities and jubilation were expected to be observed in the spirit of love for one’s own family, pets or homeland. My son with his impartial sense of comradeship for one and all created and distributed these cute little dogs so no one was left out. He’s already such a charmer, he wins hearts without being crafty!

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Poetry in pattern

Create your own custom pattern on fabricI and my kids created this for their school’s Powwow. My daughter’s third grade teacher Mrs. ‘L’ is the inspiration behind this, requesting us to make one of these.  She gave us a legend that deciphers all the interesting Native American symbols and what they mean.  My son experimented with the fabric-crayons hence, emerged the true colors. My daughter embellished the poncho with lively landscape and jovial figures. I was the iron lady behind this endeavor, just kidding! continue>>

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