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Happy Holi!

Happy-Holi“Happy Holi! Join me and celebrate this fun festival of colors! “Holi” is a festival celebrated in India during spring. It’s a time of merry-making and frolicking. It’s a festival that marks the beginning of the eastern new year. People young/old, rich/poor, far/near cast aside their differences and immerse in the revelry and mirth of this joyful, colorful festival! Please come in and have some sweets(gujiya & laddoo), play with colors(gulal) and drench yourself in the fervor of this festival!

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Happy Diwali

happy-diwaliWishing everyone a happy Diwali! Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated in India. It’s a time to clean the house, decorate it with special handmade earthen lamps (“diya”) and colored sand (“rangoli”). It’s a time to rejoice! Moms make special treats to share with family and friends. Why is Diwali celebrated? continue>>

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Happy Dandiya!

happy-navratriWishing everyone a very “happy-dandiya” with your loved ones!  “Dandiya raas” is one of the folk dances performed on special occasions. Two wooden sticks click-clack against each other, imparting a lively rythmic flow, to this energetic folk dance from India. Come, feel the joy & have a glimpse of dandiya ! continue>>

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