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Fall in love with Hyacinth!

white-HyacinthHyacinths make beautiful fragrant gifts. They grow from bulbs and bloom in early spring. We just love their refreshing, lingering fragrance. This plant is specially chosen for Mrs. ‘A’ (my daughter’s kindergarten teacher). During Easter/spring break, her home will be filled with it’s pervasive sweet scent. Hyacinths are supposed to be symbols of rebirth which seems befitting for the occasion. I felt that of all the blooms, white ones had the most haunting scent.

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Happy Diwali

happy-diwaliWishing everyone a happy Diwali! Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated in India. It’s a time to clean the house, decorate it with special handmade earthen lamps (“diya”) and colored sand (“rangoli”). It’s a time to rejoice! Moms make special treats to share with family and friends. Why is Diwali celebrated? continue>>

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