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Please have some cucumber raita!

Cucumber Raita - A sattvic organic wholemilk yogurt side dish

Today I share with you a recipe for cucumber raita. It’s a great ayurvedic, sattvic and vegetarian side dish. No special culinary skills are needed to make this dish. It is very simple and easy, anyone can make it.  It’s a delicious and wholesome side dish for summer season. Cucumber raita is a cool dish for hot weather. It is served as an accompaniment to basic Indian meal. Here, please have some with khichdi. Enjoy!


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Snow Angel Christmas Ornament

th-SnowAngel1Christmas ornaments make great gifts, they are easy and fun to create. Here’s a snow-angel I created for my daughter’s kindergarten teacher “Mrs. A”. We are thankful Mrs. A. We love you, will never forget you! With best regards.  continue>>

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