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Look what we made!

Gift for him!

Gift for him- hand knit glovesHere’s a gift for my husband for Father’s day, a pair of “one of a kind” gloves created with love. I so wanted to gift something warm and fuzzy, handmade by me, especially for him. Now that it’s done, I cannot wait to see him in those! Needless to say our kids love their dad, we are very thankful for him and so is he, therefore you see him with folded hands(anjali mudra) in this picture! He is deligent and tacit. We are one another’s moon, we shine and reflect in complementarity!
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Snow Man Holiday Ornament


Here’s another cute Christmas ornament that I created for Mrs. “S”, as a gift. Mrs. S is my daughter’s first grade teacher. Lot’s of smiles your way Mrs. S !  My daughter loves you. Hope you have a warm winter with your family & friends. Thank you.  continue>>

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