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Please have some khichdi!

Khichdi yellow mung beanToday I share with you mung dal khichdi. It is an ayurvedic vegetarian recipe. It is a simple, easy to digest sattvic delight. Though not a staple food, people enjoy eating this all over India. It is sometimes served as prasad in temples or gurdwaras, it is also offered to people who are sick as their metabolism slows down and khichdi is their food of choice because it is easy to digest. More often than not, a heavy meal is followed by khichdi at a later time of the day, as a light alternative. I make khichdi on occasions when I want to cook something easy with minimal effort and few ingredients without lengthy preparation or elaborate cooking. continue>>

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Stovetop Popcorns

homemade popcorns There’s a certain taste of simplicity in these kind of popcorns, which is lacking in their microwavable counterparts. The commercially mass produced batch of microwave popcorns may be convenient and mess free for the masses but, they pale in comparison to the Mommy popped ones, mixed with love, customized to please the individual taste buds and olfactory receptors. Food cooked and shared at home fosters strong cherishable bonds and unforgettable memories with our family & loved ones, don’t you agree!


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