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Sugarless but sweet Kharek ki kheer or Dry date pudding

khajoor ki kheerToday I have the pleasure of introducing you to a very delcious dish. Treat yourself, your family and guests with this amazingly simple and wholesome dessert. Dates is the natural sweetener in this dish with no added sugar. This is an ayurvedic sattvik dish, an authentic recipe from the east. Often eaten without any celebratory occasion but can be served as a sweet dish on festivals like Diwali or Eid. Introducing here as “dry-dates pudding” to the western cuisine. It’s a gem among the desserts, a welcome and healthful addition to one’s platter this Christmas or Hanukkah.
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Happy Diwali

happy-diwaliWishing everyone a happy Diwali! Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated in India. It’s a time to clean the house, decorate it with special handmade earthen lamps (“diya”) and colored sand (“rangoli”). It’s a time to rejoice! Moms make special treats to share with family and friends. Why is Diwali celebrated? continue>>

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