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Color & enhance hand-drawn art using GIMP

color-enhance-GIMPDrawing and painting by hand on paper is more enjoyable than drawing with mouse and keyboard on a monitor with virtual colors. I like to draw free-hand on paper and then further color/enhance thru GIMP. There are many benefits of doing this , first & foremost it doesn’t strain your eyes, second you can feel the invigorating colors in your hand and third you feel like a true artist!  Here’s how you can do it too thru GIMP continue>>

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chalk drawingLike all the creatures who constitute our web of life, elephants are divine. Here they are symbolized as “Ganpati”. Just as (Om) is the aural representation of universal  consciousness , Ganesh is the visual representation of the same.  I used orange, as it is the color of sun (the source of energy). The blue lotus symbolizes enlightenment. The blue lotus is rare and hard to find, it is native to Himalayas.
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