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Please have some Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Kheer or Eggless Rice PuddingToday I would like to share Kheer(rice pudding) recipe, on the occasion of full moon. Full moon is also known as  पूर्णिमा(Purnima) in the Sanskrit language. People celebrate this event with kheer. My mom makes magical kheer, I remember, on Purnimas our neighborhood/community would gather under the moonlight  in our yard/terrace to enjoy this sweet dish. Though a full moon occurs once every month, but, when it occurs twice a month it is referred to as a blue moon, though it is not blue colored, it occurs “once in a blue moon” – a phrase to mean a rare occurrence. When the year has 13 full moons instead of the usual 12, the “extra” moon is the blue one. It was a blue moon yesterday! continue>>

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Happy Holi!

Happy-Holi“Happy Holi! Join me and celebrate this fun festival of colors! “Holi” is a festival celebrated in India during spring. It’s a time of merry-making and frolicking. It’s a festival that marks the beginning of the eastern new year. People young/old, rich/poor, far/near cast aside their differences and immerse in the revelry and mirth of this joyful, colorful festival! Please come in and have some sweets(gujiya & laddoo), play with colors(gulal) and drench yourself in the fervor of this festival!

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Happy Thanksgiving

th-thankWishesEvery day can be Thanksgiving! A grateful heart is thankful in all seasons. Let’s take a moment to thank, not just for today but everyday, every moment.  To celebrate the spirit of gratitude, here are some pictures you can share. Enjoy! continue>>

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