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Prized paintings…

red color plateRemember, in one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned about how our home has been transformed into an art gallery, all this was actualized thru our intuitive kids, who are quite creative and artistic. I have a lot to learn from them, they are my ingenious gurus. I am bedazzled and want to learn their one-of-a-kind naive art, that they are gifted with. If you want to create naive art with your kids this summer, here’s how we did it… continue>>

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Our Living Room – A Lively Art Gallery

colorful plateHere’s something that my kids and I had created over the summer. It was fun! It’s good to indulge in colors once in a while. Our living space has been transformed into a lively art gallery. Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by bold vibrant colors, who doesn’t want to capture the colorful essence of cheerful spring and who isn’t refreshed by the sight of warm artwork especially in the midst of dull grey winter. These plates aren’t just plates they are warm and toasty reminders of how bright and beautiful life is! How much endearing a shared activity with your loved ones can be.

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