Naïve Art

This summer indulge in watercolors and have fun creating these beautiful plates with your kids. Adorn your home and hearth with these colorful and artistic paintings. This is an easy to do project, that everyone- irrespective of their age, gender and skill level- enjoy and treasure.

Materials :

    1. Chinet 10 3/8″ paper plates – dinner plates, made from recycled material, color – classic white. These particular plates are recommended as they have canvas texture at the back, which imparts an artist’s finish to the paintings. One can get these at Costco.
    2. Crayola washable kid’s paint.
    3. Paint brushes.
    4. Water.


  • While keeping the back of the plate facing up, paint the background of the plate in desired colors, excluding the brim. It’s ok, if some of the paint gets on to the border or out of border. Let them dry in the sun.
Painted plates with unfinished borders

Painted plates with unfinished borders.

  • Once it has dried, paint the brim of the plate in desired colors. Let them dry.
Painted plates with finished borders.

Painted plates with finished borders.

  • Paint your imaginations on to the plates, children are really intuitive and gifted in this. With kids presiding over, one always end up learning a thing or two from them, about their skillful art.
Finished  paintings - a work of art

Finished paintings – a work of art!

  • Now punch a hole in the center of the brim of the plate and hang it on a nail, on the walls of your choice or another way of decorating could be, without punching a hole, place the plates in the places of your choice.

If you would like to gift it as a memento to someone, then you can commemorate the occasion by writing the date and name on the back of the plate. My kids in their toddlerhood , had created this as a souvenir for their grand-mom and also for some chosen few, on their special anniversary, it is still very much appreciated.