My Thoughts

“Peace and love, innately present eternal companions for every season!”

“Listen to your heart, delve into creativity, salvage self from inertia, reclaim your time!”

“Nature surrounds you with beauty. Behold!  Love abounds you with beauty. Cherish!””A peaceful mind, a loving heart as wings, reverence for creation as tail,  is all that is needed to be a festive dove.”

“There is subliminal beauty in the depth of the divine source of which, each is the center. A true masterpiece artistically created.”

“There’s mystical beauty, unspoken fortitude and sublime splendor in the leafless snow covered majestic towering trees.””In the tree of life, the seed is the source, we are it’s branches arising from the same shoot, root and a common core.””Love is a fruit, ripens with patience, glistened by sunshine of wisdom.””Smile – the best cosmetic.  Joy – the genuine sparkle.  Love – the ultimate ornament.  All dwelling in a peaceful heart. Beauty beyond measure!””How to tame the ego is the question. Love yourself enough to see yourself in others.”

“Once we understand the ‘whys’ behind the things we are inseparably bonded to the familiar, in ways we never could have thought of, which is very vital to our mind’s horizon.”

“The heart of the matter is that you still belong, no matter how far you distance yourself.”

“My aim as the center, plunged eventually, rejoicing in the infinity of concentricity.”

“The comprehensiveness of the bird tweets lie in their conciseness.”

“The beauty of the sonorous bird tweets lies in their brevity.”

“I am the metaphor for joy, peace & love. I am joy! I am peace. I am love.”

“Our reactions are shaped by our perceptions. Our actions are shaped by our purpose.”

“Words are mere metaphor and metonymy at play.”

“The beguiling beauty of the unknown lies in it’s nebulous mystery.”

“Gratitude felt by the heart etched with timeless echoes , is one of life’s greatest bounties.”

“Heart rules, mind is servile to  the thoughts.””Love is the most important and ever bestowing ingredient.”

“Happiness is that blissful state when the heart is in resonance with the surrounding creation, the mind is in harmony with the rhythm of universe.”

“In the present version of yourself, rejoice you’re an important & familiar link between the old & the new.”

“To understand things from the  left brain symbols(crust) originated, eventually dividing all. Love(core) is indivisible, the (♥)art that binds & unifies all.”

“Waves of change wash ashore, you gracefully drench. Refreshed, renewed, recharged.”

“Love is the common thread binding us all together in the great web of life.”

“At one with the Nature, tune into joy, be peace!”

“On the threshold of the unknown entered with doubts, ‘I’ dissolved into the magnanimity, awed and grateful.”

“Emanating from the same, each is worthy, inscribed with uniqueness, merged as whole.”

“May you be at peace & in love not just for today but everyday, enJoy!”


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