Merry Christmas !


Christmas is a festival celebrated to commemorate the birth of Christ. It is observed so that, people be more compassionate, loving and forgiving, all the hallmark qualities that Jesus stood for. On this day people exchange gifts, greetings and decorate coniferous trees.
The festival is symbolized by prominently three colors : red, green and white.
The significance of colors:
Color of love, life & vigor.
Color of the evergreen trees which stay resplendent & resilient amidst snowy winter. It represents joy & eternal life.
The color of peace, unity and dove.
Color of the noble and expansive sky, it also represents the unknown.
People associate the color gold with sun, warmth & illumination.

Let’s all be an expression of the kindness, love, peace, joy & warmth, inherent in our hearts, not just for today but everyday!


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