How to make papad

Papad Cooked

Papad cooked

Serves: 4


Lijjat Papad

Lijjat Papad

1)  Roasting papad on an open flame or a gas stove is prefered over microwaving the papad. If you have an open flame or a gas stove, roast the papads on both the sides over flame by using tongs to hold them.

2)  If you don’t have a gas stove, you can make it in a microwave.

3)  Place an inverted glass saucer in the center of the microwave as shown.

Inverted saucer for roasting

Inverted saucer for roasting

4)  Place the papad on top of the inverted plate as shown.

Place the papad

Place the papad in the centre

5)  Cook one side for 30 seconds.

6)  Open the microwave, flip the papad. Cook the other side for another 30 seconds.

7)  There you have it. You can make 3 additonal papads like this.

Cooked papad

All cooked!

8)  Enjoy with khichdi and cucumber raita!