How can I create an outline of a solid letter ?

I want to make letter stencils. I have the letter I want to use but they are solid black. Why waste all that ink? I want to transform the solid black letters into outlined white letters so that I can print them and then cut them out. Can you help me? Thanks.


1) Type the letter using a thick font like “Stencil BT Semi-Condensed” enlarge it’s font-size to 300 px.

GIMP Xach Effect Question Text
2) Then select the text, from the “Filter” menu choose “Light and Shadow” then “Xach Effect”.

Filters Light and Shadow Xach Effect GIMP

3) You see the “Script Fu: Xach Effect” dialog box as shown below. Choose white as the “Hightlight color” and black as the “Drop shadow” color in the dialog box, leave the other settings as default. Click ok.

Script-Fu Dialog Box Xach Effect GIMP

4) The text appears to be surrounded by a dashed border just as and when you fuzzy select. Using the “Move Tool” from the tool box drag the black font out of context.

GIMP Xach Effect Question

5) There’s white font underneath. Save it as it is.

GIMP Xach Effect Question Text White

6) You can print the letters and cut them with scissors.

I like the idea of not wasting ink.