Happy Navratri !

What is Navratri?
“Navratri” is a festival to honor the divine trinity (Durga, Lakshmi and Sarasvati). All three are motherly depictions of feminine energies which symbolize strength, benevolence and wisdom.

1) Durga (sanskrit word for “invincible”): symbolises creation or destroyer of evil.

2) Annapurna or Gruh-lakshmi (Annapurna: benefectaor of whole grains, gruh-Lakshmi : goalkeeper of the home) symbolizes nourishing food & a happy blissful home.

3) Sarasvati (means “having many pools”) symbolizes wisdom, learning, knowledge, music, art & science.

Navratri is derived from two sanskrit words nav=nine + ratri=nights. The above trinity is honored and celebrated for nine evenings and ten days, by dancing to traditional beats and music, followed by eating special food.



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