Happy Hanukkah

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Chag sameach! (Happy Holidays!)

Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of LightsIt is an eight-day festival commemorating the re-dedication of the holy temple in  Jerusalem after the Maccabean revolt against Seleucid empire in 2nd century BCE . The Maccabees rebelled against Seleucids for plundering their temple. The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights of a nine-branched Menorah(a special oil-based candle). Each night, during the eight days festival, the number of lights lit is increased by one each night. An extra light called a shamash, meaning “attendant” or “sexton,” is also lit each night which is located in the middle of the menorah. Special dishes are shared on this day, food fried or baked in olive oil is consumed. Children play with a four-sided spinning top on Hanukkah which is known as dreidel or sevivon in Hebrew. Small amount of Hanukkah gelt (money) in the form of coins is distributed to children.
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