Golden Pothos Devil’s Ivy (scientific name:Epipremnum pinnatum)

Above is the picture of gloden pothos sitting on our kitchen window. It’s one of the evergreen plant that grows vigorously indoors without any special care. Following are the steps that can be undertaken to have your own beautiful golden pothos vine.

1) Take an empty bottle.
2) Fill it with tap water.
3) Cut few sprigs from the store-bought, potted golden pothos.
4) Immerse them few inches down in water.
5) Replace tap water whenever you feel the water level has diminished to an insufficient level in the bottle.
6) Let it sit indoors, not under direct sunlight.

Whenever we go on long vacations , we leave it like this, unattended, it still thrives and grows happily without any special attention. It can make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for someone you care.


1) Purifies the air:
During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Golden pothos absorbs all the chemical contaminants and toxins from your indoor air and replaces it with oxygen.
2) Aesthetic appeal:
Indoor plants beautify and enhance the surroundings. They make the indoor space lively and lend an unsurpassable ambiance.
3) Relaxing effect:
Just by their mere presence indoor plants lend a calming and relaxing effect on the mind. Their soothing presence to any indoor environment is very relaxing.
4) Naturally humidifies:
Indoor plants impart natural humidity to an indoor space. During photosynthesis plants release moisture and water vapor, which raises humidity level of the air around them. Plants release approximately 97% of the water they take in.



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