Designer Poncho and Necklace

Here’s  how you can design your own fun costume. There’s a certain Bohemian charm in being ones own avant-garde fashion designer. One can recycle and feel good about creating such an exquisite Native American themed poncho for an enjoyable Powwow. I and my designer kids enjoyed doing this easy-to-do project and so will you, for sure .



Materials :

    1. A vintage T-shirt.
    2. Crayola nontoxic fabric crayons – 8 count.
    3. Scissors.
    4. Sharpie black marker – fine point.
    5. Parchment paper.
    6. Electric iron.


      • Take a vintage T-shirt of your choice and with the help of scissors cut lots of thin long strips in and around it’s border as fringe.
      • Cut lots of thin strips around the sleeve for the fringe as shown in the picture above.
      • Using a black Sharpie marker draw an outline of your design.
      • Using Crayola’s fabric crayon fill the color inside the lively patterns. Press hard as you color. Gently brush away the extra specks of fabric crayons, if any.
      • Prepare the ironing area. Place the poncho flat. Place the parchment paper above the colorful patterns on the poncho, as shown in the picture below.ironing-powwow-poncho
      • With the heated iron press on the parchment paper for 6 to 9 minutes. Repeatedly press without lifting the parchment paper.
      • Continue to press for 6 to 9 minutes.  Once, finished lay down the iron to rest.
      • Now remove the parchment paper. Voila! What do you see? Self designed colorful patterns, just the way you imagined!

Care Instructions:

If needed, the costume with the fabric-crayon design can either be gently hand-washed or machine washed on  gentle cycle, cold setting. It should be line dried. A dryer should not be used.



To go with the poncho my daughter created this beaded necklace with a unique flare. We got the brown wooden beads and yarn from Michael’s craft store.

Materials :

    1. Wooden beads.
    2. Yarn.
    3. Scissors.
    4. Tapestry needle.


  • Thread the yarn thru the eye of the tapestry needle.
  • String the beads one-by-one.
  • When the desired length is achieved, cut the yarn leaving an inch or so for the knot.
  •  Bring both the ends of the yarn together. Finally tie a double knot. Wowza! What do you see? A truly indigenous necklace.