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Photosynthetic Animals

Photosynthetic AnimalsAt a question-answer website of which I am a suspended member now, I was asked the following question, “Are there any photosynthetic animals? Please list, if any.” Most of the answers were unaffirmative. My answer was a resounding yes, highlighting the known ones, lo and behold to my amazement the answer got many views and upvotes, how can I not share it here! You’ll be astounded by how beautifully the eukaryotes and prokaryotes intertwine and interrelate. The taxonomic distinctions blur, underscoring the beautiful unity in diversity.

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A glimpse of our puzzle

Wikipedia turns 15 Over the weekend we accomplished completion of our longish and extensive pursuit. My husband and my kids were engrossed, so was I, finishing this 500 piece jig-saw puzzle. We all naturally gravitate towards what’s unsolved, perhaps that’s the beauty of mystery. A part of us always wants to piece together, to try and arrange out-of-place pieces just to see, if the whole makes sense, perhaps this is the beauty of harmony. Being constructively busy and rejoicing at the same time, that is the beauty of life, all around the world. continue>>

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What does Wikipedia mean to you?

Wikipedia turns 15I am very pleased to announce that today marks Wikipedia’s 15th anniversary! Please share your thoughts and let the world know what you think about Wikipedia:

To me, Wikipedia is an online treasure trove and an amazing platform for gathering and sharing open source information and media. continue>>

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