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Please have some papad!

How to make papad

Today I share with you how to make papad. Papads are thin, crispy, savory disc shaped accompaniments to meals. There are different styles of papad depending on the ingredients used in their making. Papad (also refered as papadum in the west) has many varieties like, urad, moong or besan(chickpea flour) etc. Please enjoy some papad with raita and khichdi!


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Please have some cucumber raita!

Cucumber Raita - A sattvic organic wholemilk yogurt side dish

Today I share with you a recipe for cucumber raita. It’s a great ayurvedic, sattvic and vegetarian side dish. No special culinary skills are needed to make this dish. It is very simple and easy, anyone can make it.  It’s a delicious and wholesome side dish for summer season. Cucumber raita is a cool dish for hot weather. It is served as an accompaniment to basic Indian meal. Here, please have some with khichdi. Enjoy!


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Please have some khichdi!

Khichdi yellow mung beanToday I share with you mung dal khichdi. It is an ayurvedic vegetarian recipe. It is a simple, easy to digest sattvic delight. Though not a staple food, people enjoy eating this all over India. It is sometimes served as prasad in temples or gurdwaras, it is also offered to people who are sick as their metabolism slows down and khichdi is their food of choice because it is easy to digest. More often than not, a heavy meal is followed by khichdi at a later time of the day, as a light alternative. I make khichdi on occasions when I want to cook something easy with minimal effort and few ingredients without lengthy preparation or elaborate cooking. continue>>

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Prized paintings…

red color plateRemember, in one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned about how our home has been transformed into an art gallery, all this was actualized thru our intuitive kids, who are quite creative and artistic. I have a lot to learn from them, they are my ingenious gurus. I am bedazzled and want to learn their one-of-a-kind naive art, that they are gifted with. If you want to create naive art with your kids this summer, here’s how we did it… continue>>

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Synchronicity is the resonance of events that occur in silence, when the mind is in harmony and is profoundly in tune with the universe.


Image courtesy of my daughter