Apply Canvas Filter in GIMP

If you would like to render a canvas texture to any image, apply this filter in GIMP. The mosaic flower vase  created earlier, can be canvasized in the following manner.

Filters → Artistic → Apply Canvas.

1) Select the image to be canvasized. From the Filter menu, select Artistic then, choose Apply canvas from the submenu.


2) You see the “Apply Canvas Dialog Box“, choose the following settings, as shown in the picture below. Click Ok.

3) This is how it looks, after the canvas effect has been applied on the flower-vase.


Here’s a brief explanation of what the different aspects in the “Apply-Canvas” dialog box mean :

If you check off preview, you can see the changes being displayed, before they are applied.
It indicates the direction of the light source. The direction in which the light to the canvas is rendered.
The depth of the canvas effect imparted, ranging from 1 (very flat) to 50 (very deep).



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