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Kharek ki kheer (Dry date pudding)

khajoor ki kheerToday I have the pleasure of introducing you to a very delcious dish. Treat yourself, your family and guests with this amazingly simple and wholesome dessert. This is an ayurvedic sattvik dish, an authentic recipe from the east. Often eaten without any celebratory occasion but can be served as a sweet dish on festivals like Diwali or Eid. Introducing here as “dry-dates pudding” to the western cuisine. It’s a gem among the desserts, a welcome and healthful addition to one’s platter this Christmas or Hanukkah.
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chalk drawingLike all the creatures who constitute our web of life, elephants are divine. Here they are symbolized as “Ganpati”. Just as (Om) is the aural representation of universal  consciousness , Ganesh is the visual representation of the same.  I used orange, as it is the color of sun (the source of energy). The blue lotus symbolizes enlightenment. The blue lotus is rare and hard to find, it is native to Himalayas.
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Doodled Butterflies

butterflies doodleHi everyone! Hope you all are enjoying the summer. Here’s a doodle I created recently. They are not at all, as pretty as the real butterflies that you see outdoors. Purposefully patterned, warm & bright colors would make lovely accent to an otherwise indoor plain wall specially in winter when the real butterflies migrate away.

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For my dad!

Gift for him- hand knit glovesMy Dad would compliment me everytime I drew these kind of phones. He liked the way I drew such phones with effortless ease & dexterity. He liked the color green. Now he’s no more with us but, he is still around us in another form, I’m sure. I’m so blessed and thankful to have had a father like him. His dedication and love for all mankind made him special. I’m very proud of how he lived his life. For me he is an example of how to be joyous and child-like forever!
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Gift for him!

Gift for him- hand knit glovesHere’s a gift for my husband for Father’s day, a pair of “one of a kind” gloves created with love. I so wanted to gift something warm and fuzzy, handmade by me, especially for him. Now that it’s done, I cannot wait to see him in those! Needless to say our kids love their dad, we are very thankful for him and so is he, therefore you see him with folded hands(anjali mudra) in this picture! He is deligent and tacit. We are one another’s moon, we shine and reflect in complementarity!
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Glorious Spring

Loyal companions await my presence, longing to meet me,
The extolling sun greets me with it’s golden rays.
When I lie down on the blanket of green grass, I wake anew,
Abandoning time, into the oblivion, this is where I truly belong.
The sublime soothing sky surrounds me with it’s azure roof.
The gathering of ecstatic trees look down humbly at me,
Their glad branches gleefully waving to me,
with their neonate leaves, smiling at me ,
They rejoice, all clad in gaiety and joy.
The friendly breeze blows past my face.
I see a dreamy eagle floating solo in the sky,
I imbibe the serenity with my ardent gaze.
Enamored by the warm spring with it’s open arms,
So long to the frigid winter, I bid adieu!


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