Spectral Easter Basket

easter-basketMy 7 year old daughter is in first grade now. We presented this handmade basket to her current homeroom teacher Mrs. ‘S’.She was so thrilled! May she have a blessed Easter with her family. Creating this “one of a kind” basket was so fun! We stuffed it with some school supplies.

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Welcome Wild Flowers

Wildflower are the unpretentious children of nature,
beaming blissfully under the glorious sun.
Look upon them with thine loving eyes.
Wherever you happen to meet them,
greet them with grace & joy as they do unto you,
Nature’s gifts put upon the earth in bounty,
with a purpose to make you smile!



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Fall in love with Hyacinth!

white-HyacinthHyacinths make beautiful fragrant gifts. They grow from bulbs and bloom in early spring. We just love their refreshing, lingering fragrance. This plant is specially chosen for Mrs. ‘A’ (my daughter’s kindergarten teacher). During Easter/spring break, her home will be filled with it’s pervasive sweet scent. Hyacinths are supposed to be symbols of rebirth which seems befitting for the occasion. I felt that of all the blooms, white ones had the most intoxicating scent.

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Carrot Salad

carrot saladToday I share with you an exuberant dish with irresistible munchiness. The orange color is so pleasing to the eye, the taste is so savory to the diverse palate and the aroma so beautiful you’ll have to taste it to know how it is! I make it often, grown-ups and kids alike love it. We eat it as a healthy snack. This is a modest and simple yet compelling and vivacious dish for potlucks or any other occasion with family/friends. Enjoy!

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Earth Hour!

You are invited to celebrate Earth Hour with me!

WHEN: Today on 29th March 2014 between 8:30 – 9:30 p.m local time.
WHERE: It is observed all around the world.
WHY: It is celebrated to raise planet awareness among all.
HOW: It is experienced by turning off lights and electronics for the given period of time.

See you under the stars!

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City Lights 2012 – Flat map courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory

Happy Holi!

Happy-Holi“Happy Holi! Join me and celebrate this fun festival of colors! “Holi” is a festival celebrated in India during spring. It’s a time of merry-making and frolicking. It’s a festival that marks the beginning of the eastern new year. People young/old, rich/poor, far/near cast aside their differences and immerse in the revelry and mirth of this joyful, colorful festival! Please come in and have some sweets(gujiya & laddoo), play with colors(gulal) and drench yourself in the fervor of this festival!

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Knit-♥Art with website links to free patterns

free knitting patterns Today I share with you some of my cherished creations. I have poured out my heart in them. I invite you to take a virtual tour with me. It’s my surreal closet on the net where I neatly organize and curate some of my creations from the heart. It has useful information for all the passionate knitters out there, who would love to know the free pattern source & other details for knitting adorable baby gifts!continue>>

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