Conversing with the universe

In the depths of silence our heart talks with the universe, reverberating the sound of unity. Consciousness as the source of an underlying universal unity, pervades all the diverse creation. When one attunes to what is unsaid, unheard and unseen, they transcend into to that realm, which is wordless, profound and transparent, being concordantly whole with the existence!


Image courtesy of my daughter

HD Wallpaper 2592 X 1944

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For the woman of action – Mrs. G !

colorful basketMrs. G is my daughter’s second grade teacher. Her devotion to action inspired us to create this colorful basket for her. What we love about her, is her dedication & love for sharing her knowledge with the kids. She’s one person who leads others, by example, to be their best. She is candid and smart. Her energetic and athletic aura gets everyone moving!


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Our Living Room – A Lively Art Gallery

colorful plateHere’s something that my kids and I had created over the summer. It was fun! It’s good to indulge in colors once in a while. Our living space has been transformed into a lively art gallery. Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by bold vibrant colors, who doesn’t want to capture the colorful essence of cheerful spring and who isn’t refreshed by the sight of warm artwork especially in the midst of dull grey winter. These plates aren’t just plates they are warm and toasty reminders of how bright and beautiful life is! How much endearing a shared activity with your loved ones can be.

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Love, love, love…

Love post for ValentineTo those who are attached, you love with constancy, you don’t need an occasion to love, it is evident in every moment everyday. To those who are unattached, the whole world is your oyster. I am one of those, who wear their heart on their sleeve, so I like that, a special day centered around heart is celebrated. You don’t need to gift store-bought candies, chocolates and roses for Valentine’s day, just “be love” that’s all!  What is love? Love cannot be defined, it is felt.  continue>>

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Color & enhance hand-drawn art using GIMP

color-enhance-GIMPPhysically drawing and painting by hand on paper is more enjoyable than drawing thru mouse and keyboard on monitor. I like to draw free-hand on paper and then further color/enhance thru GIMP. There are many benefits of doing this , first & foremost it doesn’t strain your eyes, second you can feel the invigorating colors by hand and third you feel like a true artist!  Here’s how you can do it too thru GIMP continue>>

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